Intro to start your business project

Intro to start your business project workshop (French)



ImmigrAffaires – Business Culture in Québec (French)

This workshop will help you understand the ins and outs of the Québec business world: business environment, non-verbal communication, etc.

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Legal matters

Taxation of independent workers and small businesses (Part 1/2) (French)

Your governmental obligations
What steps do you have to take with various government organizations? This workshop gives you the answers to questions such as: Do I have to contribute to the QPP, employment insurance, the Québec Parental Insurance Plan, etc.? What are my income filing and bookkeeping requirements?

To incorporate or not to incorporate ?
Sole proprietorship or incorporated business? This workshop will help you choose the best legal form for your business.

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Taxation of independent workers and small businesses (Part 2/2) (French)

Deductions and tax credits
This workshop helps you identify the various deductions and tax credits that are available to you.

Business income and expenses
Discover which expenses are eligible for your business.

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Incorporate your business (French) ($)

This workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to incorporate a business with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec under the Québec Business Corporations Act.

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Shareholders’ agreement (French)

In this workshop, you will :

  • Learn and understand the important clauses
  • Build a shareholders’ agreement
  • Benefit from a lawyer’s advice on your final version

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Accounting and finance

Research funding and credit record (French)

Are you looking for funding ?

Be informed of the main sources of funding available in Montreal as well as the consequences which will manage your personal finances on your credit file.

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Crowdfunding - Beginner level (French)

An innovative workshop about the world of crowdfunding and how to set up your own campaign!

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Crowdfunding - Advanced level (French)

An interactive session to develop your crowdfunding campaign step by step, guided by a crowdfunding expert.

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Start managing your business with QuickBooks Online Plus (French)

Using a case study and a set of exercises, you will learn the basics of QuickBooks Online Plus for the business start-up phase.

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Optimizing QuickBooks Online Plus for your business (French)

Workshop for people who have taken the Quickbooks 1 workshop and who want to adapt and optimize the program for their specific business needs. This workshop is designed for people with at least three months of sales and expense operations.

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GST/QST (French)

The GST, QST and HST laid bare!
(Offered by the Ministère du Revenu du Québec)

This workshop will reveal all the secrets of the proper use of the GST, QST and HST: the needs, obligations and rights of your business in the start-up phase. Get the whole picture in this workshop led by a representative of the Ministère du Revenu du Québec.

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Web / Social Networks

Create and manage your business Facebook page - Beginner level (French)

Setting up a Facebook page for your business opens up remarkable promotional opportunities. The main goal is to establish a good foundation for the page and understand the main functions. This hands-on workshop gives you professional coaching on how to create and manage a Facebook page.

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Optimizing your business Facebook page - Intermediate level (French)

Your Facebook page is set up, but fan commitment, sharing and connection are not working as well as you hoped. Do you need a little inspiration for content? That’s definitely your key to success! This presentation will give you the tools and advice you need to improve interactions with your fans and boost sharing.

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Using LinkedIn for business (French)

This workshop will teach you about the operations and issues of business networking on LinkedIn. You will find out how to spread the word about your skills and learn how to find clients or potential partners.

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Important: Payment and refund policy

Postdated check : Accepted only if the date is prior to the beginning of the session.

Rejected check or insufficient funds : Participants must reimburse SAJE for any bank charges incurred.

Payment made by PayPal : Refunds are made through PayPal within 60 days from the date of payment.

Reimbursement of enrolment fees: No refund is possible.

Reimbursement of workshop and training fees : 100 % reimbursable, if cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the starting date, minus the applicable administration fees.

The session is not living up to your expectations ? Simply pay for the services that you have already received, as well as one of the following penalty fees (whichever is lowest): $50 or 10% of the cost of services you did not receive.

We strongly recommend that you sign up for a session that fits your schedule !


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