Confidentiality and security policy

This policy concerns measures taken by the SAJE to ensure that information gathered through online transactions is processed securely and confidentially.


Through its service provider, the SAJE has installed security measures on its computer servers to protect users against the loss or unauthorized use of information sent to and stored by the SAJE.

No security mechanisms are perfect, however, and users should be advised that there is always some risk that the personal information transmitted to the SAJE may be disclosed without their consent and through no fault of the SAJE.

The SAJE accepts no responsibility for the disclosure of the users' confidential information except in the case of negligence on the part of the SAJE.

What information does the SAJE collect and how is it used ?

In some circumstances, such as for registration for the government STA measure or a workshop, the SAJE asks for the user's name, address, email address and certain other personal information. This information is used specifically to prepare STA files, to complete program applications such as Young Promoters and to personalize connections between its clients and other contacts.

Users can request that their information not be kept by the SAJE and that no follow-up be carried out by the SAJE. To do so, just send an email requesting this to

The SAJE assures its users that no one has access to confidential information about its clients and contacts. Furthermore, the SAJE never sells or shows its client and contact lists to anyone.

Documents submitted by promoters become the property of the SAJE, which promises to protect their confidentiality. The promoters authorize the SAJE to discuss all the information and documents required for the assessment of the file with the other people assigned to and involved in the decision-making process for the file and with their financial institution. The promoters release the members of the selection committee and the coordinator from all potential liability and lawsuits that their decisions or recommendations may result in.

Links to other websites

The SAJE may include, on its website, links to other websites. The SAJE accepts no responsibility for the commercial practices or content of these sites and advises you to check the security and confidentiality policy of any website before entering your personal information.


A cookie is a small text file that is recorded on a user's hard drive on certain web pages. Cookies are not harmful because they cannot extract information from the user's hard drive, as the user has full control over it. The SAJE uses cookies to gather traffic statistics about its website. This technology does not systematically give SAJE personal information about web users. To avoid cookies, change the settings on your browser.


The SAJE reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Changes will be published here: web users are encouraged to return regularly to check this page. To make it easier to identify new terms and conditions, the various versions of this policy are dated and numbered.


The copyright on the information published on the SAJE website is held exclusively by the SAJE or its authors. This applies to all documents available on the web or any other medium.

The information available on the SAJE website or any other medium can be used without prior permission as long as the full source is clearly noted. Reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited, however, without prior authorization from the SAJE.

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions about our security and confidentiality policy, please contact us.


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